Lindova is based in Lindesberg, in the heart of Bergslagen, mid-Sweden, where it has built its in-house developed product concept with solid professionalism.

Lindova was founded in 1976 by entrepreneur and product developer Rune Nilsson. He saw the need to improve the hand-held tools used in mass production that strained the users and caused pain in hands and arms. Rune realized his idea of constructing a special air hydraulic tool, initially through single assignments from local engineering companies.

The successful concept, based on a drive unit and tool head for various applications, led to the business growing with customers throughout the country: The first export order came in 1979. Exports now make up more than 50% of sales.

Lindova is today one of Scandinavia's leading manufacturers of hand-held air hydraulic tools for demanding industrial production. The company have today a more refined product range based on more than 500 customized tools developed by Lindova over the years.

Lindova's products are sold in Sweden direct or via retailers and internationally via a retail network. Products are supplied to both large and small industrial companies using mass production and who see the major productivity gains and ergonomic advantages of using Lindova's unique products.